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Privacy Statement

Yeoman Capital Management Pte Ltd (“Yeoman”) 
Privacy Statement (the “Statement”)

If you contact us to enquire about the services that we offer, we will ask for your name, email, telephone number and general information regarding your background. We will only use this information to answer your questions and will not share this information with third parties. 

If you contract with us as a customer or a shareholder of the Fund/(s) we manage, you will be required to provide your full legal name, address, proof of address, NRIC or passport number, telephone, email, proof of financial standing (to meet the prevailing “Accredited Investor” requirement set by the Regulator), employment and educational background and other related personal information to satisfy CDD (customer due diligence) requirements. We will share this information with service providers such as Fund Custodian, Administrator and Auditor in order that they may render service to you as customer. You will have to give written consent to this under a clause in the Subscription Agreement. Such service providers will be bound by the confidentiality agreement that they have signed with us and with the Fund(s).

We may disclose your personal information to the Regulator(s) as and when required by them or by law. 

We have in place security policies and controls to protect your personal information in our possession. 

Access to your personal data is limited to those on a need to know basis.