“Performance backed by Principles, Process and People”

Sunday Times, 26 Jul 2015

“Value investing is evergreen if prudently or conservatively implemented and, although it is not easy, it can be done. …”

Business Times, 27 Nov 2013

Mr Yeo: “If we get the ‘3-Rights’ right, time is our friend. In the short term, price and value may not converge but over the longer term they …”

Citywire Asia, 24 Oct 2013

While some investors are concerned about a cash drag on their portfolios, Yeo Seng Chong is facing the opposite problem.

Business Times, 18 Apr 2009

The sudden market rebound took many funds by surprise, many were caught out holding large sums of cash

Pulses, May 2009

Sentiment, at least in the equities market, appears to have turned the corner. In early March, good news was thin on the ground and the outlook for

Pulses, May 2009

At a time when many still hold bleak prognosis of the macro economy, this fund manager sees myriad investment opportunities


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