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Yeoman 3-Rights Value Japan Fund VCC invests in the undervalued securities of companies listed in Japan to achieve total investment returns.


Japan Fund Performance vs. Index

* Chart shows performance from 30 November 2016, re-based to 100. Japan Fund refers to Yeoman 3-Rights Value Japan Fund VCC. Performance in SGD. Dividends re-invested. Net of fees.
**Index refers to Topix Small Cap Total Return Index (TPXDSMAL), in SGD terms

Performance: 5 years 10 months ending September 2022

Period Japan Fund Index Out / Under Performance
Since Inception
CAGR (per annum) 2.59% 2.01% 0.58%
Cumulative Performance 16.06% 12.31% 3.75%
Year to Date 2022 (12.28%) (17.61%) 5.33%
Historical Performance
2021 3.80% 1.76% 2.04%
2020 (4.72%) 3.47% (8.19%)
2019 15.51% 19.82% (4.31%)
2018 (13.14%) (17.38%) 4.24%
2017 30.77% 27.30% 3.47%
2016* 1.96% 2.73% (0.77%)

Note: Performance In SGD. Dividends re-invested. Net of fees
*2016 Performance is from end November to end December

For longer term performance of our Japan Strategies in JPY, please refer to the latest newsletter.

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