“Performance backed by Principles, Process and People”


Yeoman Capital Management has a track record of 25 years in value investing in Asia small cap stocks. We hold a Capital Markets Services Licence for Fund Management issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. We manage two Funds, the Yeoman 3-Rights Value Asia Fund VCC and the Yeoman 3-Rights Value Japan Fund VCC.

Executive Chairman & CIO Mr Yeo Seng Chong and his wife are the founders and owners of the firm. They, their family and members of senior management have invested significantly in both Funds, alongside our clients. We eat our own cooking.

We serve accredited and institutional investors, as defined by the Securities and Futures Act (Chapter 289) of Singapore.

Funds under management totalled S$216m (US$150m) at end September 2022.

Yeoman Capital Management Pte Ltd is incorporated as a private company limited by shares in Singapore under The Companies Act (Chapter 50). The Company and GST Registration is 199902308Z.

How We Invest

Our objective is a long term annual return of 8-10%.  The fund will be fully invested at all times under all market conditions applying a fundamental value investment process. The process is implemented through all market conditions by a dedicated investment team.

We seek returns at relatively lower risk by investing in stocks with strong financials, stable operating history (Right Business); competent and honest management (Right Management); and trading below fair value (Right Price).


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